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During hypnosis, Sarah led me to feel fully authentically myself. That is where I am most secure and able to deal with any situation. I feel less triggered by external influences now and know how to reconnect with myself if I do. 

Elvina White, Boxing Champion & Professional Athlete 

"I was smoking and vaping for 2 years. I tried to stop multiple times but was unsuccessful. Vaping became my crutch throughout stressful days and I didn’t think I could ever stop until my first hypnosis session with Sarah. I haven’t smoked or vaped ever since! Sarah gave me many tools I now use when I feel triggered. I feel so grateful that I took this critical step for my health."


Marie, Fashion Model and Psychology Student


"I had a session with Sarah because I was having anxiety for my flight. I didn't realize hypnotherapy was an option. During my session she gave me the tools I needed to not only conquer my flight anxiety but get me excited to travel again. When I boarded my flight the day of my trip I felt calm and confident. The whole flight was a breeze turbulence and all."

Desiree, Aesthetician & Make Up Artists  

"Talking to Sarah before our session made me feel super comfortable and ready to do deep work. Our sessions have created huge shifts in my mindset and have helped me rewire my subconscious in ways I was unable to do through just meditating on my own. I was able to take the next steps in career and business. Sarah helped me get unstuck. I am extremely grateful to Sarah because her sessions are so effective and her intentions are 100% pure!"

Susanna, Founder of Fureverlove Club 

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"I loved working with Sarah. I highly recommend it. It was my first time getting hypnotized. I have a better understanding now on how to reprogram my mind and boost my self love through a series of simple exercises. Her voice was beautiful and soft and made me feel safe and cared for." 

Franck R. Founder and CEO of SPIN


"I suffer from knee pain due to misalignment. After my first session with Sarah, I noticed the pain was gone. I had no idea that hypnotherapy was so powerful! The following days I witnessed my knee pain I’ve had on and off for about six months, improve tremendously. Long story short, the effect of working with Sarah left me speechless. Definitely recommend and will seek her out again."

Charmie Pfeffer, Actress 


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