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"I was smoking and vaping for 2 years. I tried to stop multiple times but was unsuccessful. Vaping became my crutch throughout stressful days and I didn’t think I could ever stop until my first hypnosis session with Sarah. I haven’t smoked or vaped ever since! Sarah gave me many tools I now use when I feel triggered. I feel so grateful that I took this critical step for my health."


Marie, Fashion Model and Psychology Student


"I had a session with Sarah because I was having anxiety for my flight. I didn't realize hypnotherapy was an option. During my session she gave me the tools I needed to not only conquer my flight anxiety but get me excited to travel again. When I boarded my flight the day of my trip I felt calm and confident. The whole flight was a breeze turbulence and all."

Desiree, Aesthetician & Make Up Artists  

"Talking to Sarah before our session made me feel super comfortable and ready to do deep work. Her voice is very soothing and brings you right into a deep hypnotic state. Our sessions have created huge shifts in my mindset and have helped me rewire my subconscious in ways I was unable to do through just meditating on my own. I am extremely grateful I found Sarah because her sessions are so effective and her intentions are 100% pure!"

Susanna, Founder of Fureverlove Club 

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"I loved working with Sarah. I highly recommend it. It was my first time getting hypnotized. I have a better understanding now on how to reprogram your mind and boost your self love through a series of simple exercises. Her voice was beautiful and soft and made me feel safe and cared for." 

Franck R. Founder and CEO of SPIN


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