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Siva Wellness 

Integrative Hypnotherapy and Holistic Health Coaching 

The Sanskrit word śiva शिव, means auspicious, gracious, and kind. The roots of śiva in folk etymology are śī, which means, "In whom all things lay, pervasiveness" and va which means "embodiment of grace". 

In one word Siva describes the philosophy of my work. Together we will approach all problems and blocks in a kind and individualized manner, knowing that the power and all answers already lie within each and everyone of us. 




Integrative Hypnotherapy 


Hypnotherapy can be compared to a guided meditation in which you're looking to achieve a specific goal. We quiet down the conscious mind to get to the suggestible subconscious, which is where we can rewire and reframe deep rooted believe systems or habits. 

Holistic Health Coaching 

Holistic Health Coaching involves treating the whole person in regards to health and wellness. While a good diet and nutrition helps build the foundation for wellness, it’s not the only aspect we will look at. Research continues to support the use of lifestyle change involving exercise, spiritual practice, diet, and other behaviors for conditions such as chronic stress, weight loss, migraine headaches, constipation, and arthritis, as well as many others.



Prior to every session I offer a free 30 minute consultation call, to answer any questions or concerns you might have. 

Please submit your request for a phone consultation via Calendly below. For any other questions please email me at


First Session

Intake & hypnosis. 90 minutes | $150


Returning hypnosis session. 60 minutes| $125

Returning 3-pack

Hypnosis sessions. 3 x 60 minutes| $350

Let's stay in touch! 

I rarely send emails and won't share your information. 

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